Binary PLC


Telecom Services
Material Delivery Equipment installation Dismantling Cell Site Maintenance Shelter Comissioning
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VSAT & Radio Communication
VSAT equipment installation and maintenance Services Various Radio Equipment supply and service
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Website and Software Development
Dynamic Website Development for Hotels, Supermarkets and other Sectors Custom Software Development for...
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Enterprise Network & Datacenter
A robust data network is vital to your workforce. Build the foundations of your business by providing...
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Backup Powers
At Binary ICT Solution PLC, we champion the seamless continuity of critical operations through our expertise...
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windmills, rainbow, fields-5643293.jpg
Wind Power Systems
Welcome to Binary ICT Solution PLC, where innovation meets sustainability in the realm of wind power...
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Solar Installation
Solar Power Systems
Empowering Tomorrow: Binary ICT Solution PLC Illuminates the Future of Solar Power Systems In the realm...
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