Binary PLC

Enterprise Network & Datacenter

                A robust data network is vital to your workforce. Build the foundations of your business by providing staff with a reliable, stable connection. Many businesses rely on employees being able to stay connected to their company’s network and the internet, to access applications, in order to complete daily tasks. Ensure that your employees have round-the-clock access to all your resources and enhance your staffs’ productivity with solid internet connectivity.

  • Network Installation:- IT infrastructure and Network Installations, providing IT Support and installation for voice, data, video, and wireless solutions. Our clients rely on our’s IT services as a single source for all their design-build network installation, equipment rollout and IT Solutions. We install standard office drops, remote locations connected by direct fiber, as well as wireless connectivity from building to building. Our Network Installation Practice includes a full suite of networking services including LAN, WAN, and IP PBX network design, network planning, network implementing, and network configuration with Pre- and post-installation documentation. Our network configuration services include router installation, firewall configuration, and wireless routing. We can serve as the liaison to your telecom/cabling carrier, thereby ensuring the best combination of options and the best pricing for your company.
  • Wireless Broadband System:- When it comes to connecting your team, nothing is as efficient and cost effective as a wireless broadband system. Having an outdated or unreliable network connection can lead to interruptions in workflow, downtime, and loss of revenue. Rural or remote locations there are usually limited or no other options but wireless broadband connections. Our solutions integrator, and works daily on designing, engineering, installing, and maintaining Wireless Broadband systems for business and government customers. We can offer you secure, private, reliable, high bandwidth options to meet your network requirements. We can tailor a solution to meet your requirements so that you never have issues accessing the internet, your IT network, or customers in the future.
  • CCTV Surveillance Services:- Ensure safety in the workplace while protecting your assets with business surveillance systems. We works on design, build, install, and maintain CCTV systems that can keep an ever-vigilant eye on your facility. A system will provide your security staff with high-resolution images and video that will make finding the smallest detail a simple task. A motion detector camera can enhance your office surveillance after hours, and we offer a number of mounting types to suit your needs. Capture everything that happens at your business with multi-camera systems and covert devices that are easy to install and operate. That means a highly efficient use of your security personnel and resources, and a safer experience for staff and visitors alike. Security Camera Enclosures to protect your security cameras from harsh, outdoor, environmental conditions with weatherproof camera enclosures
  • Industrial Security Systems:- Industrial work environments have to deal with several hazards and potential threats to maintain a safe and productive work site. They need security and alarm systems that can detect intrusion as well as a range of sensors and detectors that can alert staff to dangerous environmental conditions. To a safe and productive operation rugged security and alarm systems are important. That’s why we design, install, and maintain industrial alarm systems that can protect your facility and team from the range of potential threats and hazards they face on a regular basis. And, by working with your team, we’ll find the combination of security alarms, life-safety sensors, and environmental sensors that let you meet your security objectives.