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VSAT and Radio Communications

  • VSAT:- Bring broadband VSAT satellite internet to your location even when it’s remote or mobile. Expedition Communications specializes in design, integration, and maintenance of VSAT satellite internet systems. Our VSAT satellite earth station antenna installation and maintenance services team delivers the ultimate in high quality satellite antenna installation, VSAT network deployment and systems equipment install services. Our experienced installation technicians, field engineers and program managers provide extensive technical capabilities, onsite flexibility and the very latest tooling to support clients around the globe.
  • P2P:- We install and support wireless links to organizations by point to point and point to multipoint. We works wireless link planning, design, installation, and maintenance to provide the best solution. The link analysis and site surveys links offer the best in class for reliable, secure and fast wireless backhaul to ensure the hardware will operate as designed. In addition, we offer full Project management and comprehensive support packages to give you full peace of mind – Dedicated project manager assigned to each project.
  • Two-Way Radio Com:- There are numerous reasons why Two-Way radio systems are advantageous for your enterprise. For budget purposes cellphones incur monthly costs and are generally discarded after a year, durability of your communications devices which again, unlike cellphones, are built to last whatever environment you need them to be in, better coverage area in event of emergencies, long battery life, instant communication with no need to dial numbers and wait for the recipient of the call to answer, clearer audio especially in noisy and loud environments, or safety features such as Man Down that alerts you when a worker has fallen. We work with you, and assess your business needs to ensure you would be getting exactly what Two-Way radio system you need for you company to function seamlessly, efficiently and safely.