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Wind power system installation and commissioning
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Solar system installation and commissioning
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Backup powers installation and commissioning
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Telecom Equipment Supply and Installation
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VSAT and Radio Communication
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Welcome to Binary PLC

Binary PLC works on Green energy like Solar and wind energy solutions. We are dedicated to managing projects, consulting, designing, supplying equipment, installing, and commissioning services for your organization. We pride ourselves on being part of the best solution provider. Browse our large selection of services to learn more about how we can help with your next plan! Have any questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us!


Why You Choose Work With Us

Guaranteed Service Satisfaction

We promise to you will meet your requirements and there will be no scope for complaints

Provide expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations

We provide strategies to insight new change, prevent problems and improve performance.

Great Quality Assurance

Our experienced professionals are solely dedicated to their work. We never compromise the quality.

Any Time Customer Support

We are beside you all the time. Once you order any service, you can contact us any time.

Our Team Members

Mr. Bereket Terefe

Co-founder and Project Manager

Mr. Chalachew Alemnew

Co-founder and CEO